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Page history last edited by Vaughn Seward 11 years, 9 months ago

The Eros Haiku Series


In December, 2006 Hugh Bygott and Dana-Maria Onica started a series of non-linked haiku on subject of Eros (Love) on the simply_haiku Yahoo haiku group. The following is the archives of this series (maintained by Vaughn Seward).


Seq From To Link
0 - - Preface
1 I L Eros Haiku 1-50
2 LI C Eros Haiku 51-100
3 CI CL Eros Haiku 101-150
4 CLI CC Eros Haiku 151-200
5 CCI CCL Eros Haiku 201-250
6 CCLI CCC Eros Haiku 251-300
7 CCCI CCCL Eros Haiku 301-350


CD Eros Haiku 351-400
9 CDI CDL Eros Haiku 401-450
10 CDLI D Eros Haiku 451-500
11 DI DL Eros Haiku 501-550
12 DLI DC Eros Haiku 551-600
13 DCI DCL Eros Haiku 601-650
14 DCLI DCC Eros Haiku 651-700
15 DCCI DCCL Eros Haiku 701-750
16 DCCLI DCCC Eros Haiku 751-800
17 DCCCI DCCCL Eros Haiku 801-850
18 DCCCLI CM Eros Haiku 851-900
19 CMI CML Eros Haiku 901-950
20 CMLI M Eros Haiku 951-1000
21 MI ML Eros Haiku 1001-1050
22 MLI MC Eros Haiku 1051-1100
23 MCI MCL Eros Haiku 1101-1150
24 MCLI MCC Eros Haiku 1151-1200
25 MCCI MCCL Eros Haiku 1201-1250
26 MCCLI MCCC Eros Haiku 1251-1300



Eros Kigo List: 

Zhanna P. Rader maintains the list of kigo that appear in the Eros Haiku series. 


Photos of Eros Contributors: 


Hortensia Anderson

Billie Dee

Tanya Dikova

Michele Harvey

Betty Kaplan

Carole MacRury

Shanna Moore


Rita Odeh

Dana-Maria Onica

 Cecelia Quentin-Webb

Zhanna P. Rader

Kala Ramesh

Vaughn Seward


Trish Sheilds


Terry A. Steudlein

Johnye Strickland

 Robert Wilson

 Robert Wilson



Photos not Available for the following contributors: 

  • Hugh Bygott
  • Lewis Sanders